Boarder is an amazing new service built using DropSwitch's Connected technology - essentially offering schools the ability to create private social networks to deliver services and share information between members of the organization intelligently, effectively and securely. It allows the creation of robust, customized apps that can be quickly deployed, rapidly grow socially and cater directly to a wide range of different users - a revolutionary day or boarding school app. Primarily delivered in a format for boarders there are also day and 'old boy' versions on the way to cater for every type of educational establishment - universities, colleges, virtual schools, even clubs or schools not based on a traditional campus.

Our technology allows us to harness established, powerful features and mould them into a specially customized infrastructure built to match the exact needs on your school. Once the 'bones' are in place members of the school are provided with a simplified 'skin' to interact with to manage and populate the system with relevant info to make the app 'work' and deliver the desired result for the pupils - much in the same way a school itself operates. The primary admins take care of the strategic operation and publishing of information - whilst the individual teachers and pupils concern themselves with the details of everyday life. In addition parents are able to simply 'piggy back' onto their child's account and instantly access all the relevant contacts for their child.

Out modular system also allows us to create customized 'modules' for specific tasks to enhance the service further and even add bespoke features for specific clients. Things like a house bank, e-chits, 'at home' sensing, panic buttons, news ticker, roll call and more have already been developed or are coming soon. In addition to the standard feature set offering direct communications and targeted publication of news, offers, invitations, surveys and more - which are standard Connected features already.

The service is delivered utilizing iOS and Android mobile devices direct to pupils, teachers, managers, house parents, matrons, former pupils, future pupils and much more. The service is unique, powerful, flexible and yet still affordable, easy to use, install and maintain.

Boarder - The Boarding School App,
Old School Ties - keeping you connected,
or a version specifically customized for you

Key Features


In additional to lots of useful tools for pupils - to enhance their day-to-day interactions and make the most of their school - there is much more. Parents, former and future pupils can all use the app to help them engage with your school. Not only having access to a filtered 'live feed' of school life but also be instantly accessible by the school too.

Easy to Use

The service grows rapidly and organically and can be launched in minutes. Pupils download the app, teachers create groups for classes, houses, teams and more. Then manage and maintain these independently - giving all members of the group access to each other. Teachers can also create moderated social groups for clubs, interests, activities, former pupils, etc. freely!


Although we maintain and support the app it's dedicated to your school. Not only in respect of its design but also the content available to every user. All content can be targeted to each user and they in turn can decide how connected they wish to be - based on their profile, preferences, actions, location and time.

Manage your school organically using your iPads

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Questions, Ideas or Suggestions?

If you've got any questions, or ideas for features you'd like to see on the next version of The Boarder App, please feel free to get in touch. We are constantly working on improving and adding features to make the app even better. It will be rapidly enhanced over the coming months in response to your feedback.

Making Boarding Better